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Procatell  S.A. Engineering was founded in 2005 as a company devoted to provide comprehensive solutions in the manufacture of wires, cables and reels for detonations in mining activity. Subsequently , it increases its business coverage to the development of special projects for the explosive initiators industry and companies in the metalworking area.
Today Procatell is constituted as a constantly evolving solid company, concerned about  quality and great empathy with their clients. One way to help achieve these objectives, is that since 2005, Procatell has certified its manufacturing processes under the ISO 9001-2000 norm. The other  way is to have a Board chaired by Ms. Nelida Tell Channels and General Manager Mr. Manuel Cáceres Araya, who have formed an organizational structure that favors surround ing with a group of people, competent in their areas and teamwork oriented.

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